SDP Twin Turbo Kit - LBZ Duramax



SDP Twin Turbo Kit - LBZ Duramax


*Currently made to order

*Aftermarket Tuning Required

SDP Duramax 06-07 LBZ twins- up to 750RWHP

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 -A higher flowing 3" passenger side intercooler tube. Now you can also choose between the standard race pipe (easiest installation) or a true 3" high-flow Y-bridge mated up to our 3" intercooler pipe.

-The new intercooler tube has a very solid 1/4" thick brace welded on to keep the intake horn inside the cross bridge as it was intended to from the factory

-Option for a true 3" steel Y-bridge for an extra $150.

-Completely TIG welded, makes for very smooth joints and the insides of the tubing are flush. We strive to produce the highest quality welds possible.

-Custom higher flowing 3.5" mouthpiece that is also o-ringed to ensure there are no boost leaks where the mouthpiece mates with the factory turbo.

- V-banded crossover pipe on the S400 outlet + stock turbo mouthpiece and the necessary silicone boot.

- Full PCV reroute with billet o-ringed fittings that fit perfectly.

-The kit uses an S475 turbo with the larger exhaust housing so it is unnecessary to wastegate the setup, the spoolup is very quick with this turbo in the kit.

- Radiused T6 exhaust flange with a unique mounting setup that makes installation a breeze.

-CNC machined flange off of the back side of the factory exhaust housing desinged to tightly slip inside the outlet of the exhaust housing and seal exhaust flow at the v-band connection.

-High quality stainless steel v-band clamps and t-bolt clamps are used at each connection.

-The hot side piping and exhaust housing are ceramic coated and heat wrapped.

-The cold side piping and compressor housing are powdercoated color of choice.